Police Investigations Process

 Officers within the Investigation Division also review reports, including arrest reports. All charges are filed at Niles Municipal Court by an officer who works in this division.

The Juvenile Officer/SRO works out of the Investigation Division. This officer is assigned to investigate all juvenile crimes. Our Juvenile Officer also works with the Weathersfield School District as a school resource officer.

All evidence collected at a crime scene is processed into our evidence database and organized by our evidence officer. Evidence that needs to be released after processing or when the case is disposed of is released by him. Anyone wishing to pick up evidence from Weathersfield Police Department is asked to call and make an appointment with our evidence officer, Patrolman Fields. Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m, 330-652-6486.

For case information contact Captain Kris Hodge or Investigator Detective Sgt. Dan Lowery.

For inquires involving a juvenile contact Patrolman Lou Ronghi.

For release of evidence contact Patrolman Allan Fields.