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Welcome Message from the Township Chief of Police

Your police department employs 15 sworn officers, and 1 civilian.  Weathersfield Township Police Department is responsible for providing law enforcement services to 9,430 citizens and businesses of Weathersfield Township.  Weathersfield Township Police Department employees are professionals who are committed to providing the highest levels of effective, courteous and integrity-based service of protection to all.

The Weathersfield Police Department is dedicated to community participation in reducing crime.  We work in close partnership with neighborhood groups, community agencies, businesses and other police departments.  The partnership have been and will continue to be the key in reducing crime and in advancing the quality of life in our township. 


The members of the Weathersfield Police Department have established a reputation for delivering courteous and professional law enforcement services to the citizens. 


I am very proud of the accomplishments and efforts of the members of the Weathersfield Police Department and l am proud to serve as your Chief of Police. 



Michael J. Naples, Jr.


Michael J. Naples, Jr. Chief of Police -

Chief Naples started his law enforcement career 36 years ago: He began his career in 1984 as a full time patrolman in Warren Township. Three years later, he was hired at Weathersfield Township, where he worked under Chief Sam Pagano. 


In 1995 Chief Naples went to work for the Girard Police as a patrolman, and then eventually as a juvenile officer who was assigned to Girard High School in the year 2000. In 2002, Chief Naples came back to serve Weathersfield as Captain under Chief Joseph Consiglio; now, we address him as Chief of Police. Chief Naples has solid work ethic and is dedicated to the success of his department and officers.


Chief Naples was raised in Niles, Ohio, and he has one daughter, Alicia, who graduated from The Ohio State University. Chief Naples also spent many years coaching high school football—at Alliance, Brookfield, and Warren JFK, where he was an Assistant Coach for over 20 years. .

“Policing is about the people, and you can rest assured that we have chosen the best officers to serve you as members of the Weathersfield Township Police Department.” – Chief Michael J. Naples Jr.  


Kristopher W. Hodge, Captain -

Captain Hodge is a 1998 Niles High School graduate, who after graduation attended the MTC Corrections Academy, and was hired by Niles Police as a Part time dispatcher & Corrections Officer in 1998. 

In 2002 he attended the Police Academy at YSU  and was then hired as a reserve officer for Weathersfield Township Police Department which he held the position until 2007 when he was promoted to a full time officer. During the years of  2001-2007 Captain Hodge was also a full time dispatcher for Warren City Police Department. 

February 1, 2015 Officer Hodge was promoted to his current position of Captain of Weathersfield Township Police Department. 

Captain Hodge resides in Mineral Ridge with his wife and two children. 

Mission Statement

 The mission of Weathersfield Township Police Department is to provide professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Weathersfield Township without bias. Weathersfield Township Police Department will be diligent in its efforts to ensure a safe environment for all individuals and businesses residing in Weathersfield Township.  

The department will provide assistance to federal, state, and local agencies in such a manner that will reflect a positive image of our township and department. We recognize that our most valuable resource is our employees. We are committed to the personal success of all employees while helping them excel in all endeavors. 


To achieve our mission, we must identify the core values which give ideals to the morals and ethics of the position we hold true and faithful. Those values are honesty, loyalty, fairness, integrity, respect for others, and the pursuit of excellence. 

We hold these values as evidence that we will perform to the highest standards of morals and ethics to ensure our integrity as a professional law enforcement agency. We, as employees of the Weathersfield Township Police Department, will strive daily to successfully complete this mission. what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.

Important Documents

Spot Check Form (1) (pdf)


employment qualifications:

The minimum qualifications for all applicants for the position of Weathersfield Township Police Officer are:

  1.  ​Minimum age of 18.
  2.  ​Minimum high school graduate (or GED).
  3.  ​Must be currently certified by OPOTA as having successfully completed state mandated peace officer training.
  4. No felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions involving theft, dishonesty, violence, or crime related to use of a weapon. 
  5. ​Valid Ohio driver’s license with a good driving record (no reckless operation or other citations indicative of irresponsibility).
  6. Must submit to and pass comprehensive background investigation.
  7. ​Good physical and medical condition.

Non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity is the policy of Weathersfield Township. The Weathersfield Township Police Department provides equal terms and conditions of employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, veteran status, military status, or disability.


This applies to all terms or conditions associated with the employment process, including hiring, promotions, terminations, discipline, performance evaluations, and interviews. Weathersfield Police Department accepts applications at any time, which are kept on file for one year and reviewed annually by the Chief, as well as when there is an opening. 

job application

Police Department Job Application (pdf)




Our police department offers an "Are You Okay?" program.

This program is geared towards elderly or disabled individuals who live alone within our township. 

The Police Department Clerk, makes phone calls to check on the residents a few times a week, if no answers we send an officer to the residence to check on them. 

If you know of anyone that would be in need of this program, please feel free to contact the police department business office 330-652-6486 with the individuals information. 

are you okay (pdf)


Police Roster

Department Updates

Department Updates


 Weathersfield's Finest -  Protecting and serving  residents within our community.

Department Updates

Department Updates

Department Updates


Keep updated on Weahersfield Police Department news and events!


Department Updates



 As of July 1, 2013, Weathersfield Police Department began using Trumbull County 911 Center's services again.

 The Weathersfield Township Police Department switched to the MARCS Radio System on November 1, 2019. The department purchased all new mobile and portable radios to continue to improve our communication system. 


Accident Report Fees



 The patrol division is the foundation of the police department; it provides protection and public service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

 Patrol is broken down into five eight hour shifts: day turn, afternoon turn and midnight turn, along with two power shifts.  Patrol officers are responsible for enforcing state laws and township resolutions.

All patrol officers strive to effectively protect life and property, and conduct initial investigations of crimes.  

Accident Report Fees

Accident Report Fees

Accident Report Fees


 ​The Traffic Unit at Weathersfield Police Department is responsible for keeping the streets of the township safe for citizens and visitors traveling by vehicle, bicycle, or foot. The goal and mission of the Traffic Unit is to manage traffic flow on city streets. 

This is in order to lessen vehicle collisions through a program that enhances the Traffic Unit's ability to enforce traffic laws and to respond to community traffic concerns. 

Traffic complaints generated by citizens are also handled by this division. If anybody has any traffic related questions, please contact Patrolman Tally.

K-9 Unit

Accident Report Fees

Accident Report Fees



Weathersfield’s K9-Unit uses one canine--Thorn. Thorn is a Belgian Malinois who was imported from Amsterdam brought in April of 2018.  


Police Blotter Reports

Records Division


 Our Investigation Division is responsible for interviewing victims and suspects of crimes, taking statements, and collecting evidence.  

Records Division

Police Blotter Reports

Records Division


 The records division organizes, relays, and maintains all records for Weathersfield Police Department.  

Police Blotter Reports

Police Blotter Reports

Police Blotter Reports

The following reports within the Police Blotter  DO NOT reflect the total activities or calls per shift. Click here to download and review Police Blotter reports.


Monthly and Yearly Reports

Police Blotter Reports


Weathersfield Police Department’s Juvenile division is responsible for investigating crimes involving minors. Patrolman Lou Ronghi is the Juvenile Officer/SRO.

Patrolman Ronghi frequently works with Weathersfield School District; he has interactions with students. He also gives educational presentations and is the school resource officer at all Weathersfield Local Schools.

Patrolman Ronghi is ALICE certified, and has been instrumental in planning and executing a safe strategy should a school were to have a critical incident.

If you or someone you know has any questions about a case regarding a juvenile, you can contact Patrolman Ronghi at 330-652-6486 Ext. 110 #1.

Monthly and Yearly Reports

Monthly and Yearly Reports

Monthly and Yearly Reports


Joseph Consiglio March 2002 - Janruary 2015

Chief Consiglio started his law enforcement career in 1974 with the Trumbull County Sheriffs office. Chief Consiglio was hired by Weathersfield Township Police department in December of 1984 as a patrolman. 

In 1985, Chief Consiglio was appointed to detective, and promoted to Captain in 1991. Chief Consiglio was appointed Chief in 2002 


Sam Pagano August 1986 - February 2002

Chief Pagano started his law enforcement career in 1974 with the Trumbull County Sheriffs office. Chief Pagano was assigned to Weathersfield Township in 1979 as a road deputy. Chief Pagano was hired by Weathersfield Township Police Department in July of 1984. 

 Chief Pagano was promoted to Sergeant on July 9th,1984, and Chief in August of 1986. Chief Pagano retired in 2002 with 28 years of law enforcement service. 


George Tyree March 1984 - July 1986

Chief Tyree was appointed Chief March 1, 1984. Chief Tyree was the first Chief of Police in Weathersfield Township. Chief Tyree had 15 years of law enforcement experience; his last 8 years were at the Trumbull County Sheriffs office.